Welcome to my online willow courses

These are designed for anyone who wants to learn the skill of weaving willow in sculpture or basic basketry.

Once you have purchased the willow workshop you have unlimited access to the course. 

The course contains an online workbook, video tuition and an online discussion forum, where you can talk to other people who have purchased a workshop or me. 

Please note, you need to purchase your own willow for these projects. When you purchase a project I will tell you in the information provided where you can purchase willow and how you prepare it.

Learning online affords you the benefits of learning at your own pace and in your own surroundings. I will guide you through the whole process from purchasing and preparing the willow to making your sculpture or basket and creating that professional new finished look.

If you are new to willow weaving and want to make a sculpture, I suggest you start with the willow globe workshop as that teaches you the basic principles of willow sculpture. If you are ne to basketry I suggest you start with the bread basket / tray workshop as this gets you used to the basic principles of basketry.

I hope you have fun.

Leilah Vyner

Dragon Willow